How to Play with Your Chinchilla

How to Play with Your Chinchilla

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Chinchillas are very friendly and they love to play very much. You might know that they are very energetic and need high maintenance to pet them. Without the sleeping time, they like to play, run, climb, jump, chew, and of course, love to eat a lot. You need to maintain some rules and regulations for playing with them properly so that you don’t harm them and yourself along with your house also. However, playing regularly with your chinchilla also improves its mental, physical and overall health condition.

Now, how to play with your chinchilla? There are numerous ways to make your chinchilla’s playtime enjoyable. Here we are sharing some methods to play with your chinchilla- Make its cage a sport’s zone, everyday talk with your chinchilla for some time, give them something for chewing, and more. Let’s dive into our article to know more options in detail.

Make a Funhouse for Your Chinchilla

  1. Larger Cage: When you are making a cage for your pet chinchilla, remember not to make it in a way that it seems like a calaboose. For that, build the coop bigger as much as you can. Much bigger, much better so that your chinchilla doesn’t feel that he is a prisoner of a jail. 
  1. More than One Floors: Besides this, try to add two or more floors in the cage and add stairs to go from one floor to another. If you do this, your chinchilla can change the floor when he feels bored like a human. Also, it makes him happy as he gets more space for playing, walking, running, and jumping in the cage.
  1. Cage Materials: Remember this, the cage you want to buy for your chinchilla should not be made with plastic as chinchillas like to chew and can destroy plastic quickly. Wire is the best cage material. Wire floors and shelves can be easily covered with wood. Wooden cover will not harm your chinchilla’s feet.
  2. Keep Some Toys and Essential Materials: To keep your chinchilla happy, fill the cage with some toys which are made of wood or any material that is not harmful to chinchilla’s health. Keep a small ball for playing with it. Besides this, you can also keep some thin sticks for chewing. Setting up a large exercise wheel can be a great idea as chinchillas like to play and run. But if you have a baby chinchilla, you should not add an exercise wheel to avoid injury. Moreover, you can hang some toys in the cage also.

Here is another excellent idea- You can add a hiding place for your chinchilla in the cage. It is too easy to make with a cardboard box by adding a hole at one side. 

You can see the video for some ideas on how to set up the perfect chinchilla cage.

Play with Your Chinchilla Outside its Cage

  1. Build a Chin-proof Room: It is essential to play one to two hours every day with your chinchilla outside the cage. For this, you should keep in mind some things. Remember, you should supervise your chinchilla all the time at the time of playing outside. Firstly, you need to choose or make a chinchilla proof room. That means, in the room where you will play with your beloved chinchilla, there should not be any harmful things, like electric wire or any little place where your chinchilla can be easily stuck at the time of playing and running. However, you should also remove your necessary papers and clothes because chinchillas can easily cut and destroy them. You need to cover the holes and large cracks also.
  2. Toys, Bottle Jar, and Empty Boxes: Don’t forget to keep some toys so that your chinchilla can play with them. After this, provide some empty boxes also with one side open of the box. Your chinchilla will get into it and get out of it by running and jumping. He will enjoy it very much. Similarly, you can also keep an open jar for this type of playing. Later, add a pipe with both sides free.
  3. Food and Water: However, hypoglycemia is rare in chinchillas, but over-exercise can cause them low blood sugar, and they might feel ill. To avoid this, always make sure that your chinchilla has access to a dish of water and his leading food so that whenever he needs it, he can drink or eat. 

Interact with Your Chinchilla 

  1. In the world, parents are our nearest people. In chinchillas’ case, you are the closest person to your chinchilla. For that, every day, pass a little time with your chinchilla. This will make both you and your chinchilla happy. Talk with your chinchilla encouragingly and offer them some food so that they willingly come to you. After coming to you, take him in your arms and scratch them in a way as you pet them. You can scratch him under the chin or on the front forepaws. 
  1. Chinchilla doesn’t like it if anyone disturbs his work. Never force your chinchilla to come to you. Let him come on his own time. Then he will play with you by climbing all over you and jumping from your lap or shoulder. If you are holding him in your arms, you should release them whenever they want. Soon your chinchilla will come back to you to check your pocket.

Bring a Partner for Playing: One More Chinchilla

If you pet multiple chinchillas, you never have to worry about your chinchilla’s enjoyment or refreshment. Chinchillas are social animals. They like to live together. It does not matter that his partner is a male or female. If you pet multiple chinchillas, they will always find a way to play with one another.

Everyday Works to Do that Can Make Your Chinchilla’s Playtime

  1. Your chinchilla also needs a shower regularly. To bath him, take a large bowl and keep your chinchilla here. After that, scratch him with a soft brush to remove germs from his skin and give him refreshment. And always use less water as much as you can to wash your chinchilla so that he doesn’t get a cold or fever.
  2. If you go on a morning walk regularly, you can take your chinchilla with you also. For doing that, you can buy an additional small cage to carry him at the time of walking. Just remember one thing, never run or walk too quickly. Neither chinchilla will scare so much.


Always study your chinchilla’s behavior. Every chinchilla may have a different personality. Try to understand their cognitive thinking, physical characteristics, movements, and others. This will help you to know what to do with your chinchilla and what not to do. All chinchillas are nocturnal. So you should play with them in the evening. Check if your chinchilla did not get injured after playing. You can easily realize it by noticing his behavior and movements.

Another important thing is that you should always ensure your chinchilla’s security. After ending playing time, catch your chinchilla carefully. Don’t hurry for this. Chinchillas are very speedy animals. Be patient and wait to capture your chinchilla normally as long as it takes. It happens that the owner lost their chinchilla by stepping on them at the time of catching them. So our advice is to take your time and do everything carefully.

Here is a youtube channel- “The Chinchilla Notebook,” which you can follow to know more about Chinchilla. The owner of this channel has a pretty Chinchilla; she calls it Merlin. 

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How to Play with Your Chinchilla

How to Play with Your Chinchilla

Chinchillas are very friendly and they love to play very much. You might know that they are very energetic and need high maintenance to pet